Day: December 16, 2020

Fire Damage Restoration – Clean Up After the FireFire Damage Restoration – Clean Up After the Fire

Fire Damage Restoration can be done quickly and easily, and if you take the time to prepare correctly you can avoid further damage. The first step a fire damage restoration professional must do is conduct an inspection of the entire property and its surroundings to confirm that the building is secure to enter. This usually includes checking how far the smoke and fire have reached into the building and how severe any clean up will be. Once this has been completed the fire damage restoration professional can begin their work.

Fire damage restoration services can be accomplished in a variety of ways, which depends on the severity of the fire damage. Cleanup may be achieved with a combination of cleaning, drying, deodorizing and repairing. For minor fires, passive solar heaters and tarping are often sufficient. If the fire damage is extensive, however, a fire damage restoration company should be consulted.

The most important tool in a fire damage restoration services operation is air. Many people wonder whether this tool is a nuisance or a necessity. The answer is both. While many traditional fire damage restoration services employ the use of pressurized commercial air, passive solar heaters are more environmentally friendly and can often be used as is. This tactic is less invasive, as well as more effective, and the results can be far quicker.

Fire damage also requires the expertise of a fire damage restoration company to remove soot and debris from carpet and upholstery. This requires a cleaning solution, such as a commercial-grade detergent and a soft brush, as well as some water to soak up and suck up the excess moisture. Wet foam is generally the best choice for removing soot and contaminants, but damp mops can also be used. For heavier stains and longer lasting coverage, it may be necessary to use a water-based restoration product, like Pro-Clay. In order to remove soot and water from carpets, it may also be necessary to install air purifiers that remove odors as well as excess moisture from the carpet, if necessary.

Fire damage also requires that a professional fire damage restoration company to restore the electrical, heating and cooling system of a building. These systems are generally found to be in the attic, where most smoke is emitted, as well as in walls, ceilings and floor joists. It is crucial to take action as soon as possible, because prolonged exposure to high temperatures or extended periods of inactivity can cause serious damage to these systems. If electrical fires are allowed to continue after a fire restoration company has been hired, the resulting electric shock hazard and subsequent explosions can be deadly. Moreover, it can be extremely difficult to contain all of the electrical wiring throughout a building once it has been damaged by fires.

For this reason, it is important that smoke and odors are removed as quickly as possible, and that professionals perform this type of work promptly. Before fire damage restoration can begin, smoke and heat have been eliminated by removing the soot from the area using absorbent cloths and dehumidifiers. Once all sources of moisture have been eliminated, this same procedure can be performed on the area’s ceiling and walls. It is important to note that if water damage is involved, a professional restoration company will not only restore the building to its previous condition, but will remove mold and mildew from the home’s air ducts and plumbing. While they are doing their work, professionals should conduct a thorough inspection of the surrounding structure to look for any signs of toxic mold and mildew. If present, these problems must be taken care of before the work begins, otherwise the toxic mold and mildew can make people quite sick.