Automotive Locksmith Services

Modern automotive locksmith is almost equal parts traditional automotive locksmithing and computerized key programming. This forces modern industry to continually evolve and discover creative new ways to bypass traditional security protocols to insert their own proprietary key programming information. As a result, the demand for qualified automotive locksmiths is expected to grow faster than average over the next few years. With security concerns ranging from vehicle immobilization to keyless entry, today’s automotive industry is embracing new technologies and trends in lock technology in order to provide greater access to consumers and increase profit margins.

In order for a vehicle to function properly and remain protected against unauthorized entry, it must be protected by an effective security system. Modern cars come with a variety of devices designed to prevent even the most determined criminals from gaining access to the car keys. Modern vehicles also contain the ability to arm and disarm the security system remotely, which provides the added benefit of notifying the owner or any person specified by the security system in case of an emergency. If car keys are left in the car, even if the security system is armed, a burglar can use the car keys to gain entry to the vehicle. Because of these security features, it is crucial that anyone who drives a vehicle, and who plans to keep the vehicle or have it delivered to their home have a qualified automotive locksmith to perform maintenance and repair on the car keys at least once every 12 months.

A vehicle’s ignition is one of the first things that an automotive locksmith will consider when working on a car key. The ignition is the device that usually opens the doors and starts the vehicle. Because of this, having an authorized automotive locksmith attend to the malfunction of the ignition switch can offer the owner immediate access to the car. If the ignition is not functioning properly, the owner may be able to use the tool to make the switch simply slide out of the ignition and reset the ignition. This provides the owner with access to the vehicle without needing the assistance of a locksmith.

There are times, however, when an automotive locksmith must determine whether a car key has been locked out of the ignition. In these cases, the on-site specialist must inspect the ignition lock itself for damage. Because the lock is not always visually present when the car key is inserted into the vehicle, the on-site technician must rely on his skill to determine whether the lock has been tampered with or damaged beyond repair. If so, then a new key must be ordered and replaced in addition to whatever action was already taken to correct the damage.

If a car or truck accessory such as a monotone amplifier has been disabled, a customer should call an automotive locksmith to see if they are able to successfully bypass the device. Many dealerships place these items on their security systems and do not replace them when they are damaged, which allows them to be bypassed with ease. Specialized technicians have learned how to use laser cut keys to bypass these devices. If a security system is rendered completely useless by this means, then the dealership will often offer a replacement at no charge.

At other times, an automotive locksmith can make a new car key without taking the vehicle into the shop. Often, a dealer or automotive locksmith will have this service option available, because it allows them to repair a broken ignition switch without actually replacing the entire ignition system. If a vehicle has been stolen, or if it has sat for a long period of time without being driven, a new ignition switch may be required. This is often determined through the VIN number of the vehicle, which can be obtained at any auto part store. With the VIN number, a locksmith or automotive locksmith can make a new key without taking the vehicle into the shop.

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