Kosher Private Chef

Kosher Private Chef Kosher catering restaurants specialize in Jewish delicacies. Their passion for Kosher food began over seventy years ago by a man who truly wanted to share the delicious delicacies his people had evolved over time. This passion has grown into a thriving business that focuses on meeting each customer’s needs for Kosher style food prepared with great care. Kosher Private Chef Kosher catering restaurants are located throughout America. Many of the most popular Kosher Private Chef Kosher catering restaurants can be found throughout Florida.

“We are a privately owned Jewish catering company, specializing in personal, home, and group events, daily meal catering, and specialty catering. Our menus are available for you to enjoy today at your place of choice at affordable prices, even outside of the holiday season. Our delicious fine foods are made with fresh, natural, and healthy ingredients from the finest kitchens anywhere. Your next extraordinary and delicious experience will be created just for you.K Kosher caters serves the people and wants to make their next party or gathering the very best it can be.”

Kosher Private Chef Kosher catering is a privately owned restaurant in Miami that focuses on creating only the freshest, highest quality Jewish delicacies. This includes delicacies such as Kosher Shrimp, Kosher Turkey, and Kosher Chicken. The focus of Kosher Private Chef Kosher catering is to create a delicious and memorable experience for all of their customers. Their catering services also include catering for other events such as birthday parties and weddings, as well as corporate events, holiday parties, and small business events.

The food is made fresh within several hours of preparation, so each dish is light, fresh, and delicious. Kosher Private Chef Kosher Chicken is made from tender cuts of marinated Kosher chicken breast. Kosher Chicken has been marinated overnight in fresh garlic and scented with fresh ginger, then cooked and served using the finest Kosher potatoes, garlic and scented parsley butter. This delicious appetizer is served at the table in a clay pot, so it stays crispy and fresh. The potato & scented parsley butter also make this delicious poultry dish a must try.

Kosher Chefs: Certified Kosher chef’s are available to create a variety of delicious meals. They are available to create traditional cheeses as well as some exotic cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Provolone, Parmesan, Blue cheese, Mozzarella, and Romano cheese. These cheeses are available in a variety of cheese dishes that you can enjoy while enjoying your cocktail.

Kosher Chefs: Kosher chefs are available to create delightful and healthy Mediterranean meals. They will create pastas such as fettuccini Alfredo, migli Italian tortellini, Manicotti, or any other fettuccine Alfredo you may be looking for. The chefs also provide dessert such as Fresh Fruit desserts, Pizzelle, Chocolate dipped apples, tiramisu sponge cake, chocolate cakes, and other delicious foods that are not to be found at your local grocery store. Most Kosher restaurants also offer vegetarian and kid-friendly dishes that are easy to prepare, great for dieters, and are both tasty and healthy. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can relax and experience a new and delicious cuisine, then a Kosher Private Chef is the way to go.

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